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The Gaisbergrennen is a historic motorsport event that takes place in Salzburg, Austria. It is a hill climb race held on the Gaisberg Mountain, which is located just east of the city of Salzburg. The race has a long tradition and is considered one of the oldest motorsport events in Austria.

The Gaisbergrennen dates back to 1929 when it was first organized as a competition for automobiles. Since then, it has been held annually, except for a few years during World War II and some other exceptional circumstances. Over the years, the event has gained popularity and attracts both professional racers and motorsport enthusiasts.

The Gaisbergrennen is known for its challenging course, which consists of a winding road that ascends the Gaisberg Mountain. The track offers a mix of fast straights and tight corners, making it a demanding and exciting race for drivers. Spectators can watch the race from various vantage points along the route, including designated viewing areas and natural spots with panoramic views.

The event often showcases a diverse range of vehicles, including classic cars, modern sports cars, and high-performance race cars. Participants compete in different categories based on their vehicle types and specifications, ensuring a diverse and thrilling racing experience.

The Gaisbergrennen is not only a motorsport competition but also a social gathering for motorsport enthusiasts and fans. It provides an opportunity for people to enjoy the spectacle of racing while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Gaisberg Mountain and the surrounding Salzburg region.